Monthly News at City Pet Club! 


      *Important Notice*    Our Main Pay webcam is now down due to the construction, we are working on getting it fixed as soon as we can. Again, sorry for the inconvenience of the construction, it will be finished soon, please just bare with us a little longer!

      *GROOMING NOTICE*  This month we are scheduling Grooming appointments for Friday 03/29/2019. EARLY ARRIVAL APPOINTMENTS.


   New Year, New You! Why not include your beloved furry family member, too?! You make new goals for yourself every New Year, and this year it's time to include your awesome pet(s). Start by bringing your pup weekly for Daycare for a chance to play and get that energy out, and a chance to make some new friends! We offer a variety of Daycare passes, or you can pay day-to-day. Guaranteed they'll be pooped once they go home! Support your local pet stores and go grab your pup a delicious treat after their playtime, or maybe a nice new winter jacket to keep them warm while out for walks or here at Daycare. And don't forget, we have an awesome groomer! Why not have your doggo groomed to get those mats and extra shedding fur out after a fun day of play or an extended boarding stay! While your dog is here for Daycare or Boarding they can enjoy lots of fun playtime with our other Daycare and Boarding dogs of their size and energy level, as well as their own heated kennels to dry them off from snow clumps or to simply take a nice, warm nap. Does your dog like to eat lunch? No problem! Bring a lunch in for your pup and we'll make sure they get a chance to eat and regain some more energy!




We love to get good reviews, but we want your honest feedback. If you take time to publish a review, we will give your pet 10% OFF on their next visit! Just make sure to remind us, you don't want to miss out on the discount! 


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