Monthly News at City Pet Club! 


      *Important Notice*    Our Main Pay webcam is now back up and running! You can locate all three webcams under the Webcam tab, see the big dogs running around or the little dogs barking at each other. Don't see your dog anywhere? Check the back yard cameras, you might see them jumping the dog houses or chasing each other through the rocks!

      *GROOMING NOTICE*  This month we are starting a full grooming schedule once again. Call to reserve your appointment today!


   We know it's been a long journey getting the new changes in order, but we have good news. The new office is finally up and ready to go! When dropping of your crazy doggos or you sweet kitties, you can now use the new entrance! The old office door will be locked from now on, and we will be slowly turning that into our senior dog area. There are great new features in the new office like a big window so you can watch all the dogs have the time of their lives. We'll also have a TV with the webcams streaming so you can have a little bit more entertainment while we get your pup for you, or to give you some joy right before going into work. Underneath that TV you will find a couple of comfy chairs so you can relax while waiting for your dogs. The new office is very exciting, and we cannot wait for everyone to see it!




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